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great series, Sidney


The first photograph is a standout! That dude has an awesome smile.


Great candid shots :)


i love that first shot - really terrific!


there's definitely nothing simple in the simplicity of living a simple life :)


I love the first portrait of the old man. He got himself the perfect brushing :-)


Hee hee Sidney, What did you say to the guy in shot 1? Priceless. Mal


The first picture looks like a very contented "lolo" (grandfather). It's always nice to see lovely smiles.

Ashish Sidapara

Great series as always!! They seem very comfortable which makes these pictures priceless!


Like the others, i really like your eye and treatment of the filipino life in pictures !


I especially like the expression of the first man. These people look very friendly...and obviously accept you as you take pictures of them.


I think this is a great overview of rural life with superb shots. I noticed the reaction of Mateet : very thoughtful.


I love the documentation of Filipino village life. Ang galing!


Is it possible for a foreigner to go there too? Just wondering 'cause I'd love to visit there someday; those villages.


Je n'étais pas venu depuis deux jours. Tnat de belles images que j'allais manquer.
C'est vraiment un travail en profondeur que vous faites Sydney.
Montrer la vie telle qu'elle est, sans artifices, est un réel travail d'ethnologue. J'aimerais faire comme vous mais ici les gens sont moins affables et coopérants quand on est pas un professionel.
J'adore la série sur les enfants dont vous avez su capter l'innocence . Merci Sydney pour tout ça.


Sometimes I wonder how can you project Filipino LIFE per se..., we are a poor country, yet..we are simple,loving people...which means happiness is having 3 meals a day, a bed to lie on at night, an activity to do tomorrow no matter what it is...this is not a hard life for us , not until someone tells us that there is another kind of life at the other side... now you are telling/showing the other side what we are... simple but happy..Thanks Sidney!


Lovely shots bro, your sitegets slower and slower with every visit I make bro. Whats up?



Life of the every day.
I often look at documentary films on television. Generally, they show until waits the tourist, which is spectacular.

What I like, in your photographs, it is that you show the TRUE LIFE.

La vie de tous les jours .
Je regarde souvent des films documentaires à la télévision . Le plus souvent , ils montrent ce qu'attend le touriste , ce qui est spectaculaire .
Ce que j'aime , dans vos photos , c'est que vous montrez la VRAIE VIE .


The thing that really strikes me about this series is that although it looks like they have it pretty rough, they seem to appear content. Which makes me wonder why those of us with so much more are often never really satisfied? They must really understand what is important.


nice capture of people life the green atmosphere...good thing to live in the rural or suburb:-)


i want to experience rural life even for just a week :)


nice people pics sidney! galing!


je pouviez penser de beaucoup choses que je peux faire dans la campagne. ;p ... je suis malade ...


very very nice! they really love you there - look at all the smiles you've captured!

Otto K.

Very nice set, Sidney. Love the color on the cow in the middle photo is great.


It's always a little moment of voyage to pass on your blog! thanks for all this images;

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